Cluster Senior Project Creation


The cluster is a great place to work on your senior project if you need access to larger compute resources than your lab workstation. With your faculty member’s approval, you can get a project group, storage space, and the ability to submit jobs to run in the cluster.

Currently the storage space allocated is 100 GB per team, with it being cleaned up after the project concludes. Be sure to take any files you want with you before you graduate!


In order to have a new group and project storage created for you on the CSE cluster you will need the following things:

  1. Approval from a faculty member teaching a senior project class who has instructed you to use the cluster for a project

  2. A project name

Request your group and storage space

From your university email address send an email to . Use the following template as your email:

Email Template

Subject: CSE Cluster Senior Project Request
  1. General university usernames (Your lowercase email address minus the for all of those in the project, including the faculty member.

  2. If you or any of the other members of the group also need cluster accounts, or if you already have access.

  3. Project Name (This will be used for your group name and storage under /cluster/academic/projects/$NAME).

  4. Project end date. Your group and storage space will be removed after this date. Be sure to take your files with you before you graduate.

  5. Any additional requests or questions you have.

After sending the email, the faculty advisor will need to reply and confirm that they approve the creation of this group. Once they have approved the request the group can be created, the storage space allocated, and any new accounts created.

Get confirmation

After your group, storage, and accounts are setup, you will be notified at your university email account informing you that the process has been completed.

Testing your account

Once you receive your confirmation email try logging into your new account on the cluster by following the getting started guide and ask your project advisor for additional details that pertain to their work. You will use your WWU Universal Account credentials to login.