Bourne Again SHell. This is an extended and re-implemented super set version of the Bourne shell. See the man page for more details: bash(1)


High Performance Computing. This can be thought of as leveraging multiple computing systems to perform one very large complex task.


High Throughput Computing. This is running as many jobs as possible to solve the a series of tasks. Instead of running one program with a giant problem, this is decomposing the problem into many small, independent problems.


Open Containers Initiative. A group that helps define a standard for how to represent containers on disk. See the Open Containers page for information.


Bourne SHell. Named after Stephen Bourne, this usually refers to /bin/sh or a POSIX compliant shell. See the man page for more details: sh(1)


Secure SHell. This is a way to securely connect to a remote machine. See the man page for more details: ssh(1)


Virtual Environment. This is something that many programming languages such as Python implement to manage local package installs on a per-project basis. See the Python documentation for the venv module.


Virtual Private Network. This is a way to implement a virtual network on top of an existing network, such as the Internet. This will allow you to create a secure network connection from your home system to the campus network on top of the internet.