Cluster Account Creation


In order to have an account created for you on the CSE cluster you will need the following things:

  1. Sponsorship from a primary investigator who is using the cluster environment.

SSH Keys are no longer required for creating your account, though you are still able to use them after your account has been created.

Request your account creation

From your university email address send an email to . Use the following template as your email:

Email Template

Subject: CSE Cluster Account Request
  1. General University Username (Your lowercase email address minus the

  2. What project you are working on and who your sponsor is

  3. Any specific software requests you have

Get confirmation

After your account is setup, you will be notified at your university email account informing you that the process has been completed.

Testing your account

Once you receive your confirmation email try logging into your new account on the cluster by following the getting started guide and ask your researcher for additional details that pertain to their work. You will use your WWU Universal Account credentials to login.